A new chapter of dot matrix laser beauty

Recently, the principle of focal photothermolysis has opened a new page for the development of skin rejuvenation technology. The laser technology based on this principle, also known as lattice laser, is named because the laser produces many micro therapeutic holes in skin tissue during irradiation. Different from the previous exfoliative grinding and non exfoliative rejuvenation, the establishment and further clinical application of this new technology may not only avoid the adverse reactions of exfoliative grinding, but also overcome the weakness of poor curative effect of non exfoliative rejuvenation, so as to establish a safe and efficient rejuvenation method.

Principle of focal photothermal action

Generally, we believe that whether there is scar after skin injury mainly depends on the depth of the injury. When the damage of skin tissue reaches the middle or deeper part of dermis, the tissue defect of wound will be supplemented and replaced by scar tissue, rather than normal skin tissue, and scar will inevitably form. But the experience of daily life makes us find that this situation is not without exception. When the area of skin injury is very small (if a small needle is used for skin puncture), the skin does not form a scar. The germinal tissue in the skin tissue can well repair the wound without leaving any scar. The small tissue injury is not replaced by the scar tissue, but the normal tissue fills the damaged area. Therefore, it is believed that as long as the damaged area of skin tissue is small and there are enough renewable tissues around, the formation of scar can still be avoided during healing, and this deep wound to the skin can still effectively stimulate the repair mechanism of the skin.

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