What is EMS Fitness, and does EMS fitness work?

  Say now some black technology, can subvert your imagination completely. In people’s traditional thinking, fitness definitely requires more exercise. Otherwise, the abs stimulator is a device that allows you to lose fat without overexercising. What magical effect does it have?

  1, shorten the exercise time.

  The principle of electric stimulation muscle fitness is the effect of electric pulses, with special pulse frequency to stimulate the muscles of the body, to achieve the effect of exercise, especially in some parts of the body can not often exercise, the stimulation effect is several times our normal exercise. For example, wearing a muscle stimulator for 20 minutes is equivalent to running for 4 hours, and the body’s muscles get nearly 4 hours of exercise. It can be said that it greatly reduces the time of exercise. For some white-collar elites, there is not so much time to exercise every day, is undoubtedly a good choice.

  2. Targeted weight loss.

  One of the fitness highlights of electric muscle stimulator is that it can be locally controlled to stimulate local parts of the body, so that local muscles can be fully stimulated and exercised. It’s like a lesbian trying to slim her belly, just stimulating her belly. After a period of stimulation, the effect of local thin abdomen will be obvious.

  Muscle stimulator EMS has great fitness features, but this high-tech thing is worth a lot of money. Plus, you need a special trainer to help you put on the equipment, which is expensive. A set of equipment is about 100,000-200,000 yuan, and the tutorial fee for each class is tens of thousands, so this product is specially designed for some super-high consumer groups.

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