How effective is the microneedling machine for skin beautification?

  What is the beauty effect of rf microneedling? I heard that microneedle beauty can regenerate collagen and improve skin texture, so many girls want to try microneedling beauty. So what is the beauty effect of microneedle? Is the beauty effect of microneedle good? Come and have a look~

  What is the beauty effect of microneedle?

  The beauty effect of microneedle is what many girls want to know. The beauty effect of microneedles mainly includes two aspects, namely, the improvement of acne pores and the overall improvement of skin quality. Generally speaking, the effect of improving acne and pores cannot be seen immediately after microneedle plastic surgery, because regeneration and collagen growth have a process that takes time to manifest. Therefore, the effect of improving acne pits and pores cannot be seen immediately after micro-needling beauty treatment.

  After microneedle plastic surgery, there will be a certain skin improvement and lifting effect. After the microneedle plastic surgery, the baby who loves beauty will feel that his skin becomes more delicate, and the effect will be reflected three days after receiving the microneedle plastic surgery.

  How long does the beauty effect of microneedles show?

  The cosmetic effect of fractional rf microneedle is mainly divided into the functions of removing acne pits, improving pores, and improving skin texture (microneedle radiofrequency treatment can also improve the skin). These effects can generally begin to appear within 7-14 days after the microneedle cosmetic treatment, and the best effect is 1-1.5 months. Those who love beauty need to have enough patience.

  Is the beauty effect of microneedles great?

  Rf fractional micro needle has a comprehensive cosmetic treatment effect and is suitable for many skin problems. The image point is the effect of the micro-needle lattice laser, but the effect of the micro-needle cosmetics in improving pores and acne marks is not as good as the exfoliating lattice laser. Therefore, if you have severe acne marks and large pores in urgent need of improvement, you can consider exfoliating dot matrix laser instead of microneedle beauty.

  How long can the beauty effect of microneedle last?

  The beauty effect of microneedle generally does not last for a long time, usually only 2 to 4 months, this is mainly because the skin’s metabolism is cyclical. Although microneedle beauty can stimulate new collagen in the skin, the skin will automatically renew its cells after 28 days. Therefore, after microneedle plastic surgery, if sun protection and moisturizing are properly maintained, the skin’s metabolic cycle can be maintained for more than two times.

  How often is the best time to do microneedle beauty?

  The beauty effect of microneedle rf machine usually lasts for 2~4 months. Therefore, if Amy’s baby wants to improve the skin quality through micro-needle beauty, we can do micro-needle beauty in the second half of the year on the premise of ensuring skin health.

  Are there any side effects of micro-needle beauty?

  Microneedle beauty is an invasive beauty method, so microneedle beauty has certain side effects. Fortunately, the side effects of micro-needling cosmetics are only temporary, and will gradually disappear within 7-10 days.

  What are the side effects of fractional rf microneedle machine beauty?

  1. Pain: First of all, the most direct side effect caused by microneedle beauty is pain, because microneedle beauty itself is a therapy that uses microneedles to make holes in the skin and make the skin repair itself. Fortunately, the pain at the end of this microneedle can be tolerated by beauty lovers. 2. Mild bleeding: The microneedles used in the microneedle cosmetic treatment can damage the skin, so the skin will have minor bleeding side effects due to these damages.

  3. Scabs: After microneedle treatment, some beauty lovers with fragile skin will have scabs. This is the normal process of skin repairing wounds, but not every subject will have it.

  4. Burning sensation: Microneedle beauty generally produces a burning sensation when radio frequency treatment is used. This is because radio frequency energy heats the skin, so friends who love beauty will feel hot after finishing microneedling.

  5. Erythema: Some people who love beauty will have the side effect of facial erythema after microneedling. In fact, this is mainly related to the poor beauty of microneedles. If the microneedles stay on the same part of the face for too long, it may cause deeper skin damage and erythema.

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