Wash your face with water for a few days after microneedle beautification, and wash your face without water for 3 days after microneedle.

  How many days can the face microneedle be exposed to water? After the microneedling was completed, some beauty-loving babies found that their skin had improved, so they cleaned normally, causing skin inflammation. In fact, this is because it is not clear how long after the microneedle washes the face. Let’s take a look at how to wash your face a few days after making a microneedling machine~

  Microneedles can touch water a few days after the face is painted.

  Do not touch water for 3 days after the completion of the micro skin care project. If the skin has not fully recovered after 3 days, you need to wait longer to wash your face with water. The reason why the microneedles cannot be wetted immediately after the microneedles are used up is that the skin on the back of the microneedles has not recovered its normal barrier function and cannot resist the microorganisms in the domestic water. If the microneedles are washed with water within three days after use, it is easy to cause microbial infections on the face, leading to a series of problems such as redness and swelling, pimple, and itching. Therefore, it is best to wait 3 days (or longer) after the microneedling is completed, and then wash your face with water.

  What should I pay attention to when the microneedle touches water?

  Wash with sterile saline for 4-15 days.

  microneedling radio frequency 4~15 days after the completion of the acne removal and stretch mark removal project, the cells inside the skin are still slowly recovering. At this time, it is best to wash with sterile saline. Sterile saline is 0.9% sodium chloride solution, which can effectively clean the skin, sterilize and control oil, and promote skin metabolism. If you are worried that sterile saline should not be purchased, then the baby who loves beauty can buy it directly at the hospital where the microneedle is made.

  After 15 to 30 days of complete recovery, wash it off with warm water.

  Although it is said that many people can get water in three days after finishing the microneedle, but this time is not absolute. It usually takes 15 days or more to fully recover. After 15 days, the baby who loves beauty can be cleaned with ordinary clean water. It should be noted that the cleaning water used at this time requires moderate temperature, that is, warm water. Only this kind of water has the least irritation to the stratum corneum of the face. The warm water is close to the temperature of the human body, which is suitable for cleansing the face 15 days after the microneedle is used up.

  What should I pay attention to after the microneedle is completed?

  Only medical-grade maintenance products can be used within two weeks.

  Within two weeks after the completion of    rf fractional micro needle, only medical-grade repair products that promote skin repair and moisturizing can be used. It is best not to use some skin care products you usually use, even sensitive skin care products need to be stopped. Because commonly used skin care products contain preservatives, flavors and other ingredients, which are not conducive to skin repair, the best way to avoid inflammation is to use medical-grade repair skin care products during the recovery period. General medical repair products contain ceramide, hyaluronic acid, squalane, phytonitrosamine and other ingredients, which need to be carefully identified by people who love beauty. Avoid makeup for two weeks.

  Beauty lovers also need to pay attention to avoid makeup within two weeks after the microneedling is completed, because the most important thing is to repair the skin barrier first. Using cosmetics can cause skin contact dermatitis and other diseases.

  Sunscreen immediately after microneedling, and strengthen sunscreen the next day.

  It is very important to protect yourself from the sun before and after the microneedle rf machine. Just after the microneedling is completed, try to avoid staying in the sun for too long to prevent pigmentation. Because it is inconvenient to use sunscreen after microneedles are used up (sunscreen is a daily chemical product, the chemical composition will enter the skin immediately after using microneedles), babies who love beauty should cover themselves with masks, hats, sunglasses, parasols, etc. They were “fully armed” when they left the hospital for the first time. The sunscreen and shielding sunscreen used by Dantian should be used in combination, and the physical sunscreen with SPF above 30 PA should be used.

  Avoid the use of whitening and exfoliating functional skin care products.

  Skin care products containing acid, A acid, salicylic acid, exfoliating, high concentration, vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients should not be used within one week after treatment. Although skin care products containing these ingredients have a certain whitening effect in normal use, at the same time, these ingredients will chemically peel the skin stratum corneum, and the use of microneedles will aggravate skin damage, leading to skin sensitivity and microbial infections.

  Avoid places with high-temperature steam.

  Avoid sauna, high temperature bath soaking or high temperature washing within one week after treatment, because in high temperature places, some water vapor will “take advantage of the weakness” and enter the face after microneedling, which will easily cause infection and reproduction.

  Do not touch or rub your skin.

  Some sister papers want to see if the skin quality has improved after microneedling, so they will touch the rubbed parts directly with their hands. But it is very likely to interrupt the growth of the newborn’s skin, destroy the epidermis, destroy the skin barrier, and cause dryness, roughness, redness and other reactions. Therefore, it is best not to touch or rub the skin after the fractional rf microneedle machine treatment.

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