Laser tattoo washing machine wash several times clean

  In pursuit of fashion trends, many people tattoo certain parts of their bodies. As their psychology changes, so do their values and sense of beauty. A lot of people think about getting their tattoos washed. With the continuous development of beauty technology, laser tattoo washing with its good effect, high safety and welcomed by everyone, but how many times does the laser tattoo washing machine clean the tattoo?

  Laser tattoo machine washing is mainly achieved by the principle of photoinduced blasting. High-energy laser action on the tattoo part, and broken into pigment particles, with the human body lymphatic circulation discharged from the body, so as to achieve the purpose of tattoo washing. The time required for laser tattoo washing mainly depends on the size of the tattoo area and the color of the tattoo, so the time required for tattoo washing varies from person to person, it is difficult to sum up in a specific time.

  Use the laser tattoo machine a few times.

  1. Tattoo area of beauty seekers. Some beauty seekers have large tattoos, so it can take a long time to completely remove the tattoo from the skin. In many cases, laser tattoo washing once can not achieve the effect of tattoo washing, the need for multiple laser tattoo washing, thus extending the time of tattoo washing.

  2. Depth of tattoo color. Laser tattoo washing is easy to react to dark tattoos, but if the dye particles on the skin are relatively large, it will also affect the effect of tattoo washing. More laser tattoo cleaning is usually required to remove dye particles, which requires longer tattoo cleaning time.

  How many times have you used the laser tattoo machine? Generally speaking, the number of laser tattoo washing is determined according to the different circumstances of different people, and is not fixed, sometimes related to the color of the tattoo.

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