What are the tattoo washing machines

  By now, tattoos are familiar, a common sign of personalization, either to make a statement or to leave a memorable mark. However, as the psychology changes, the idea of tattoo removal can arise. Laser tattoo washing machine is a good choice for beauty salons, which can get more tattoo washing customers. But what is a tattoo washing machine? Now, let us introduce you.

  Tattoo washing machine generally uses q-switched laser beauty instrument. Professional tattoos are artificial pigments that are implanted in the dermis, while amateur tattoos are usually in the epidermis or superficial layer of the dermis. So if we want to remove tattoos without leaving any residue, we need a medium-high energy Q-switched laser instrument that can crush skin pigment. Q-switched laser with a single pulse energy of more than 400MJ can act directly on dermis and effectively break pigment particles. No problem getting tattoos cleaned.

  General laser tattoo washing machine label is equipped with two treatment head, one is 1064nm, one is 532nm. 1064nm laser has a good effect on black, cyan, brown, blue, brown, 532nm laser has a good cleaning effect on red. Therefore, if the customer’s tattoo is the above colors, it can be well cleaned, if it is green, fluorescent color, etc. Treatment heads of other wavelengths need to be purchased separately. Some chemosynthetic materials, such as fluorescent colors, are difficult to remove. If a customer has a tattoo of this color, we recommend that you select a small number of tattoos to try, and if it can be washed, then treat the large area.

  What are the tattoo washing machines? Through the brief introduction of Bian Xiao, do you have a clearer understanding? After laser tattoo wash, pay attention to sunscreen, do not casually touch water, do not eat spicy food and so on. If you have any further questions, please consult Bian Xiao.

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