Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

  It is safe to remove the tattoo.

  If you decide to let your old tattoo disappear, it may be something you have asked yourself at least once. Yes, if you choose the correct removal procedure, you can safely remove the tattoo. Some tattoo removal methods do more harm than good, usually because they are invasive. However, laser tattoo removal by a well-trained expert is safe and effective.

  Is tattoo removal harmful to the skin?

  Many people worry about the risks to the skin after tattoo removal, such as whether the tattoo will heal completely after removal. Some people want to know if they will be affected by skin discoloration. Excessive depigmentation and hypopigmentation (darkening or lightening of the skin) sometimes occur in affected areas where tattoo removal is improperly removed or aftercare is performed. However, it is safe for skilled professionals to use high-end lasers to remove tattoos. When a knowledgeable expert uses the correct wavelength after tattoo removal and provides the correct care advice, following the recommendations of the procedure, such adverse reactions are extremely unlikely to occur. Although the skin looks different immediately after the tattoo is removed, and after the tattoo heals, it will return to normal within a few weeks.

  Is removing tattoos harmful to you?

  Laser tattoo removal by experienced professionals should not cause any health risks. In fact, removing tattoos can bring many benefits. By removing tattoos, many people increase their self-confidence, start a new career, and improve their self-esteem. Therefore, removing tattoos can benefit your overall health.

  Is the pain normal when removing the tattoo?

  It is normal for some discomfort during the tattoo removal process. Many customers will feel itchy for several days after the tattoo is removed. During the treatment, laser removal may break your skin with a rubber band or splash your skin with tiny drops of hot oil. Since every customer is different, your experts will ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Discomfort does not mean there is a safety problem, and since the conversation usually lasts only a few minutes, it will pass quickly. After that, the affected area may feel like sunburned for a few days.

  Is tattoo removal harmful to the liver?

  You may wonder whether removing tattoos will cause any danger to your liver and overall health. During the operation, the laser itself does not directly remove the tattoo ink from the body. Instead, it breaks it down into small enough particles for the body’s immune system to clear it out on its own. Most of the ink removed during the tattoo removal process is removed by the liver. After the laser breaks the ink into tiny particles, the white blood cells take them away. The liver processes ink particles so that they can be expelled through the digestive system. If a person does not allow enough time between operations, this process may cause excessive stress on the body, which may lead to health problems. It is safe for people to wait at least six weeks between treatments. When appropriate, this process will not cause excessive burden on the body. Your removal specialist will determine the appropriate time between sessions. Similarly, if you want to remove a very large tattoo, your specialist will tell you whether you should deal with smaller tattoos during each treatment to avoid your body from processing too much ink at a time. These choices will protect your liver and body health throughout the process.

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